Mechanical Menagerie #9: Holograms

I hope you guys are ready for more holograms!

The first is a cube called the Merge Virtual Reality Merge Cube, a holographic cube which can display different games on 1 side. I definitely recommend looking at their website and seeing the different types of games that they offer.

Voxon Photonics

Credit: Voxon Photonics

Credit: Voxon Photonics

Voxon Photonics is another competitor. They have designed their device as a glass semi-sphere which displays 3-D images inside. They have a rolling pad you can use to manipulate the image, enlarge or rotate, and feature a number of games you can play as well.



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Euclideon Holographics

Credit: Euclideon Holographics

Perhaps you would like a more interactive hologram. Euclideon has developed a table capable of projecting a holographic image which is capable of being manipulated up to 60 cm in height. It would be great if you could just look at the table but you’ll need to use 3-D glasses. At least it’s better than the VR goggles I’ve seen. In their video they stated that they were able to acquire the head of Business Development, Alex Orban, from Namco because their work was so innovative. They are also actively working on an arcade gaming adaption of their technology called Holoverse located in Gold Coast, Australia. Check out their website for the hours and games currently available.


Check out an earlier innovation in the same technology, Hololamp, on Tome of Trovius!


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