Alternative Afterlives #1: Elysium

Credit: elysiumspace

Elysium Space is a new company with an expertise in a discipline similar to another featured company that I’ve already covered. If you guys remember the Celestis company, they were launching the ashes of the deceased into space so that you could have a space burial. Elysium Space holds the exact same goal, with more twists to boot. If you want to send the ashes of someone into space it’ll run around $2,490 but even at that low price (considering space flight prices) 100 people are on board as of May 2017.

When you sign up for the space flight you’ll get a kit which contains a capsule for your ashes as well as the option to send in a message to be engraved. It is then sent back and placed on the next scheduled rocket launch, carried out by a SpaceX Falcon 9. After it is launched into space it will orbit Earth for two years and then burn up upon reentry. At every point along the way you will also be able to track the path of your loved one via phone app because it’s 2017 and, if it is possible, an app will be created for it. Let’s talk a little bit about realities now.

They have already tried their first launch and it failed so they’re off to a difficult start. They do have a future spaceflight planned in 2018 so I wish them the best of luck. They also have plans for expanding their business in the future. They want to offer deep space burials so that you can travel the stars just like a scene out of Star Trek and moon burials when it becomes possible to travel to the moon.

If you’re interested in booking one of these launches feel free to explore their website below.


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