Art #3: Dragons & Paper

Dragon in a Stroke

Credit: Business Insider UK

I found an interesting artist on Instagram by the name of Keisuke Teshima or onestrokedragon. As the name goes, he paints dragons but not in a typical manner. The technique, called hitofude ryuu, involves painting the body of a dragon in one stroke but the head takes more effort. The benefit to the technique is that you don’t have to fill in an outline. The whole body is created in a few seconds.

Check out his Instagram:

Here is his website but, I’ll warn you, it’s all Japanese:

Pop-Up Paper

Credit: Peter Dahmen Papierdesign

Peter Dahmen is a paper artist who specializes in pop up art, similar to the pop-up books children have. Make no mistake; there is nothing childish about his work. Animals, skyscrapers, stadiums, phones; he does it all. Check out his site for all of his designs, there are plenty to choose from.

Peter Dahmen

YouTube channel

Let’s move into a different kind of paper.

Colorful Space

Here is a sample of her work at the UNIQLO store in New York City:

Credit: DuggalNYC

A French, Tokyo-based architect & artist, Emmanuelle Moureaux, has developed the concept of shikiri, a Japanese term for dividing or creating space with color. It inverts the typical usage of color from a 2-D perspective into the 3-D realm. It is this point she succeeds at. Her exhibits take up decent amounts of space and resemble a massive assault on the capability to comprehend the sheer size of the color palate she works with.  This piece is my personal favorite:

Called “Space in Ginza” it features 18,000 paper cutouts of women silhouettes in 100 different colors. The idea behind the exhibit is to demonstrate the reality in Tokyo of overflowing streets crowded nonstop by busy people going about their lives. There are even two girls cutouts and a dog in the mix to encourage you to look around the exhibit.

Here is her website which I highly recommend:

Tire Master

Credit: Goodyear

Blake McFarland is an artist who makes sculptures out of old tires. However, he started out as a professional baseball pitcher. As funny as it is to start out as a sports star, his art is not only good, it’s inventive. From pandas, baboons and grizzlies to hammerhead sharks and cougars, he has quite a talent with rubber. He also makes collages out of wine corks and has original paintings.

Here’s his website

Check out his Instagram

Here’s YouTube as well but he seems more active on Instagram

To finish up this artistic entry, here are some 3-D drawings using only chalk. Just a reminder of how much more awesome your childhood could’ve been. The first is a classic 8-bit Mario jumping over a NES controller

Credit: Mike Larremore

The second is a drawing of a crocodile which, when the paper around the head is cut out, appears to jump out of the paper.

Credit: Drawing 3-D Art

Have fun watching and I’ll see you in my next edition of Art.


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