Hoverbikes #1: A Tool of Transport or a Weapon of War?

Dubai’s Hovering Police


As we begin a new article series entitled Hoverbikes we draw our eyes to the widening popularity that these futuristic vehicles are gaining. We deal with two interesting ideas: the application of these machines as policing tools and weapons. We begin in the dust strewn paradise of Dubai.

The police in Dubai are trying to reach for the future and have ordered several Hoversurf Scorpion-3 hoverbikes in a bid to embrace new technology. The video you see at the top is a promo they cut in Dubai to tease the upcoming debut of this new policing method. They’re still debating what exactly they want to use it for but several ideas have been thrown around. They’re mainly looking at using them when conventional transportation methods are inadequate, reaching places that are hard to reach or during traffic congestion. The bike set new records (see below) recently but the limits on the bike will be set at an altitude of 5 m, a max. speed of 70 km/h and on a single charge it will run for about 25 minutes. I’d also consider applying these bikes to emergency personnel outside of the police, mainly focusing on firefighters and paramedics. However, we will need to see how well they work before relying on them in any capacity. Moving on to rifles.



The Kalashnikov Hoverbike

Credit: CGTN

Now, I have teased this as a weapon and while it is not quite deadly yet, just bear with me until the end because I will propose how it could easily be used. Kalashnikov, which does produce quite a variety of weapons, has come up with their own hoverbike model. Their design differs from the Hoversurf model by utilizing multiple rotors, not just four on the sides, as well as a rear seating section so that two people can ride. When they place the mold over the frame it limits the seats to just one but they could fix that in the future. Here is where my opinion comes into play and I encourage you to seriously consider the possibilities.

When we begin talking about defense contractors investing in a technology there is usually only one reason they are interested in it. I believe (don’t know) that they will try to develop this hoverbike into a weapon in the future, bearing in mind that the technology pans out and there are no problems with deploying it. You could easily mount guns onto a part of the bike or use a second seat for a gunner or just to fire from. These are easy modifications that can be made and will likely be taken under consideration when utilizing them. Jeeps and tanks have some effect but if the terrain is rough the bike can just fly above. Just a thought for the future.


A New World Record


As an additional treat, while in Dubai, Hoversurf decided to set a world record. By driving (hovering?) directly up they reached an altitude of 28.5 m at 5 m/s. They proclaimed this as a world record and when verified (Guinness take note!) it will hopefully be an excellent goal to smash. Until we hover again, have a good day.



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