Historic Findings: Cities of the Americas 2ADBC

Recent discoveries have emerged out of the Pre-Colombian city of Chan Chan. The city used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Chimor before the Incans overran them and has coughed up four wood sculptures. 3 were males but 1 was a woman, an unusual finding for their culture. Further work will likely be done on these statues but look for any news about the site since it seems to be getting far more interesting.


Credit: Ruptly TV

A hidden passageway was discovered using x-ray imaging underneath the Maya Kukulcan Temple. The imaging was done by a team from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a separate team from the Great Mayan Aquifer Project explored the passage.



Teotihuacan demonstrates a departure from the cultures around it.



An excavation of the Maya city of Waka in northern Guatemala has revealed the tomb of an unknown Maya ruler, dating to between 300 – 350 CE, a time after the start of the local culture but the oldest royal tomb found so far. The discovery was made by Guatemalan archaeologists working for the U.S.-Guatemalan El Perú-Waka’ Archaeological Project.



On the remote island of Mona near Puerto Rico researchers have discovered over 70 pictographs in caves, believed to be made by the ancient Tainos people. The research was carried out by the University of Leicester, University of Cambridge, British Museum and Centre for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico. There are still dozens of caves that have to be examined.



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