Mechanical Menagerie #1-20

Mechanical Menagerie #13: Gravity Worldwide

Gravity Industries: developed a hover suit

Mechanical Menagerie #12: Stronger Than Nukes

  • Kinetic Bombardment
  • Ratnik-3: A small update on Russia’s new armor
  • Adaptable UAVs: Smaller drones

Mechanical Menagerie #11: Pod People (The Good Kind)

  • NEXT: a pod-based transportation system
  • Randvu: a private business train concept

Mechanical Menagerie #10: The Jetman

  • The Jetman, Yves Rossy, has developed a glider with jets and pioneered a new flying method.

Mechanical Menagerie #9: Holograms

  • Merge VRVoxon Photonics & Euclideon Holographics all have hologram models that they are testing but EH is the only with an interactive public experience, called Holoverse. 

Mechanical Menagerie #8: Drones Everywhere

  • Edgar Herrera’s Bladeless Drone
  • Prodrone: the drone with arms
  • Ziphius: an aquatic based drone
  • Bionic Bird: a drone which resembles a bird

Mechanical Menagerie #7: Infrastructure

  • FastBrick Robotics: a company that developed an automatic brick laying vehicle
  • Dual Snow Blower: a design concept for a more efficient snow plower on roads during the winter
  • There is also a large vehicle that constructs bridges

Mechanical Menagerie #6: The Future of Transportation #2

  • Archaeopteryx: an engine-less glider which resembles an airplane to mimic its properties
  •  Tvillingar: a train concept utilizing wind energy, piezoelectricity and dual level cabins
  • Neoplan Omni 2.0 double-decker: a concept for a double decker bus
  • Volvo Autonomous Trailer AT404: A Volvo design for a self-driving trailer
  • Volvo Autonomous Carrier: Another design similar to the one above

Mechanical Menagerie #5: Tools of the Trade

  • HoloLamp: a small box capable of generating holograms
  • FlexDex: a precise surgical tool
  • Lifting Sink: a sink concept for reducing water usage
  • RoboGlove: a specialized glove for use in space

Mechanical Menagerie #4: The Future of Transportation #1

  • Kitty Hawk: created a hovercraft for water-only
  • Tesla Boat: Tesla is developing a boat
  • Cobalt Aircraft: developing a new, sleeker private plane
  • Audi: two designs for futuristic self-driving truck designs

Mechanical Menagerie #3: DragonWrist

  • Dragonwrist: a mini-flamethrower worn on the wrist
  • Aim Fire Extinguisher: a more modern fire extinguisher 
  • Fireman’s Prayer: a more controllable fire hose
  • The Rook: a different type of fire protection 

Mechanical Menagerie #2: A Different Future For Homes

  • Apis Cor: capable of 3-D printing small houses quickly
  • ShelterPack: emergency shelter design for swift deployment focusing on natural disasters
  • Sliding Fridge: a revolving refrigerator concept
  • Dishwasher: a concept for a dishwasher which is pulled up, not out
  • Groundfridge: a refrigerator stored underground

Mechanical Menagerie #1: Exoskeletons

  • Bionic Boot: a mechanical boot designed to propel human movement significantly
  • Russia: have supposedly developed a unique next-gen exoskeleton
  • ExoAtlet: a prosthetic for people suffering from the inability to move their legs
  • Powered Jacket: a slim, futuristic exoskeleton

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