Mechanical Menagerie Compilations

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #5: Futuristic Technology

  • Rob Spence: created an eye camera for his damaged eye
  • Unified Weapons Master: A weapons-martial arts league involving armored suits
  • Exascale Computer: China has claimed to have created the first exascale computer

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #4: Personal Flight

  • Gravity Industries: a man is trying to develop thrusters similar to Iron Man which will allow him to fly in a similar manner, although far lower and safer
  • Hoversurf Inc: a company that developed a hoverbike which does hover in the air
  • Vultran Tyger 1: a concept for an aircraft similar in appearance to a drone which operates on a quadcopter concept.
  • Zapata Racing: a company that developed a hoverboard that can operate at higher speeds

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #3: Transportation

  • Case IH: created a self-driving tractor for farm work
  • Saftey Roller: created a safer guard rail for automobiles 
  • Airbus: released a video demonstrating a modular concept to rethink how planes are designed
Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #2: Medical Technology
  • VeinViewer: capable of visualizing veins on the surface of the skin 
  • RenovaCare: created a skin cell gun to heal burns

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #1: New Technology

  • Voodoo Manufacturing: creating a automated 3-D printing factory
  • xPlotter: a laser-carving device
  • UCLA Sandbox: a sandbox capable of simulating elevations
  • Plastic Roads: an innovative concept for redesigning roads
  • Monkey Lights: lights on bicycles
  • Asgardia: a nation state project for creating the first space nation

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