Historic Findings: The Remains of Hellenisim C3A2BA

44898995 - miletus ruins of ancient greek city in turkey

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In the Iraqi highlands of the border between Iraq and Iran lies the ancient Hellenistic city of Qalatga Darband, nestled near Dukan Lake. However, it was only found this year. It was a coincidence that it was found because the outlines of the area were discovered by examining declassified CIA photos from the 1960’s. Turns out it could have been found much earlier. The project was led by John MacGinnis and the involved included Iraqi and British archaeologists guided by experts from the British Museum. The city, believed to be founded by Alexander the Great, could have been an important city along a trading route through the area. Several Greek coins and some statues of deities were found at the site.


This is the British Museum’s website for the development of the current project.



Clay tablets discovered near Kayseri, Turkey.




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A Lycian-era tomb was vandalized in Turkey.



3,000 year old beehives were discovered in Israel.


Credit: Antikythera – Anticythère – Αντικύθηρα – 安提凯希拉

Another exploration of the Antikythera site has yielded yet more prizes from statues, a piece of a ship, nails, ceramics as well as unknown objects, among other materials. The project was carried out by the  Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities.




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The ancient theater of Thouria in Greece was discovered by Dr. Xeni Arapoyanni after years of searching.



The archaeological site of Idalion in central Cyprus on the Greek side will be opened to the public.



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