Mechanical Menagerie #11: Pod People (The Good Kind)


Credit: Tommaso Gecchelin

The Next Future Transportation company has a plan to change the way transportation on the roadways works. They have designed cubes that can drive on the road, hold 10 people and are capable of attaching to each other. It’s an excellent idea in regard to transfers as the video shows cubes attaching and detaching from each other rapidly. They have plans to extend this idea into taxis, mobile businesses like food or merchandise, business cubes for companies and delivery cubes. My main concern is the safety aspect which wasn’t addressed. The cubes are just that, cubes. There doesn’t seem to be much space between the wall and the outside so I’m wondering what will happen in the event of a crash. Will people be safe inside? Is the material capable of withstanding impacts or will it shatter? You’ll see below that the odds of them crashing into a car or person is low but other people can easily lose control and crash into the cubes. If those other people are in control of tractor trailers or trash trucks I really doubt that the cubes will survive a violent impact. In order for these cubes to be viable they will need a form of safety. But let’s move on to the phone app aspect.

Credit: Tommaso Gecchelin

This video showcases the way you can select routes for faster travel times or cheaper rates, pick who to travel with and even pick meals to have if your travel is longer. If you do order food a different pod will attach to you with the food or beverages, depending on whether or not you paid. Just in case you thought that they just had flashy videos, here are some test demos demonstrating that it does exist and is being worked on.

Credit: Tommaso Gecchelin

Here is their website if you’re curious about their plans.



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Private Business Trains

Randvu is a concept railway designed by Charles Bombardier & Martin Rico after reading Atlas Shrugged with a wish to own small, luxury business trains. Instead of dozens of carts, it’ll just be two. This is the same idea as a road you pull onto with your car except it extends the idea to railways.


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