Roman Findings: Caligula’s Stolen Mosaic EB2AB

Roman Lead

Professor Maureen Carroll (University of Sheffield) and Dr. Tracy Prowse (McMaster University) have launched a study on the effects of lead on Romans who used it in piping, medicine and items around the house. It is called the Deadly Lead project and will present their findings on a topic which is assumed to have been harmful to the population but poorly understood in reality. Perhaps the findings will show that it wasn’t as harmful as we all thought of after all but I see it important for another purpose as well. They were people who lived around lead quite a lot and this could benefit people who drink from leaded pipes, tracking their symptoms as well as identifying areas which have problems.

Here is some research on the site:


Stolen Mosaics

In a very odd piece of reacquiring lost culture, a coffee table in New York was seized by authorities and returned to the Italian government. The table was unimportant but the mosaic used to make it was invaluable. Dating to the 1st century CE, the mosaic was installed in one of Caligula’s pleasure ships, large ships which he had made on Lake Nemi for the sole purpose of using them for his own purposes. The owner claimed that he had bought them fairly but, as for his fate, that will be left to the courts.



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Remains of War

Credit: sopmare

The Soprintendenza del Mare and Global Underwater Explorers have a current project called the Egadi Project 2017, dedicated to searching for the remains of the Battle of Aegates. It was a major naval battle during the First Punic War between Rome and Carthage which Rome won, driving the Carthaginians from Sicily and the surrounding islands. The recent findings included two bronze rostrums (brass battering rams they would use on their ships to rip other ships apart) along with ten war helmets used by the Roman legions. One of the rostra had Punic writing on its side, identifying it as Carthaginian. One of the helmets was draped in lion skin, an oddity for its time.


Nerik Rome

In the old Hittite city of Nerik, located in Samsun province, Turkey, construction workers discovered ancient remains and notified the cultural and tourism directorate which declared the site protected. The finds included cuneiform tablets, some tools and other artisan equipment.



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New Sundial

An archaeological dig by the University of Cambridge uncovered a Roman sundial near Monte Cassino in an old Roman site called Interamna Lirenas. Located in the center of Italy, the inscriptions will be analyzed thoroughly due to the small number of available sundials that have been discovered. There were several inscriptions on the sundial:

  • The name Marcus Novius Tubula was written at the base.
  • His office title, Plebian Tribune, was written. The Plebian Tribune was an office to exercise power for the poor (plebians) by creating laws for them but also possessing the ability to veto any laws by basically anyone. This would later become an issue at the point where the Republic was entering serious problems and gradually becoming the empire.
  • It also shows that he paid for it.

It is likely that he was celebrating his election and thus created it for a monument to his victory. You can see this in the extreme when the Emperors of Rome created their Triumphal Arches for victories abroad.


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