Historic Findings #21-40


Historic Findings: Tablets of Assyria & Fabergé Knives

  • Assyrian Tablets
  • A French Treasure Hoard
  • Cretan Statue
  • Fabergé Knives
  • Statues in Isparta

Historic Findings: The Remains of Hellenisim C3A2BA

  • Qalatga Darband
  • Kayseri
  • Lycia
  • Israeli Beehive
  • Antikythera
  • Thouria
  • Idalion

Historic Findings: Luwian BE5A

  • Triquet Island
  • Luwian
  • Trondheim
  • Człuchów Castle
  • Egyptian Obelisk
  • Tripolis
  • Adramyttium

Historic Findings: Arabian Gates CB2A2B

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mersin
  • Slovakia
  • Tepebağ Mound
  • Patara
  • Hasankeyf 

Historic Findings: Cities of the Americas 2ADBC

  • Chan Chan
  • Kukulcan Temple
  • Teotihuacan
  • Waka
  • Mona

Historic Findings: The Sealand Kings

  • Sealand
  • The Minoans and Mycenaeans
  • Hungary To Nationalize Suleiman the Magnificent (Maybe)
  • Assyrian Irrigation
  • History of Wine
  • The Vietnam Trading Community

Historic Findings: Ancient Cultures of Anatolia

  • Göbekli Tepe Skulls
  • Pre-Greek Istanbul Ruins
  • Ani Becomes WORLD Heritage Site
  • Gökçeada Island Neolithic Remains

Historic Findings: Hebron a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Hebron Declared a World Heritage Site
  • Roman Wine Press in Israel
  • Ancient Remains in Gezer Analyzed 
  • Greek Tunnel Discovery in Shallalat Gardens
  • Ancient Cypriot City of Hala Being Excavated 

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