Roman Findings #1-20

Roman Findings: Metro House, Amasra Sea Ruins

Roman Findings: Beit Shemesh Monastery, 1,000 Doliche Seals

Roman Findings: Caesarea Mosaic, Roman Boxing

Roman Findings: Julian Landing, Augustan-era Ships, Sümela Chapel

  • Roman & Byzantine Ships
  • Hampshire Temple
  • Sümela Chapel
  • Kahramanmaraş Necropolis
  • Çorum Hermes
  • Denizli Sewage Marble

Roman Findings: Caligula’s Stolen Mosaic EB2AB

  • Roman Lead
  • Stolen Mosaics
  • Remains of War
  • Nerik Rome
  • New Sundial

Roman Findings: A Happy Dog

  • Licking Dog
  • Roman Antalya
  • Konya Gardens
  • A Konya Mosaic
  • West Wall Theater

Roman Findings: Romans Underwater

  • The Sunken Ruins
  • The New British Bellerophon
  • The Vindolanda Rooms

Roman Findings: The Citrus King

  • Citrus in the Ancient World
  • A Hidden Portrait is Revealed
  • Durreueli Villa
  • Neglected Roman Tombs
  • Greek Mosaic in Jerusalem
  • Roman Sarcophagi in Rome

Historic Findings: Carthaginian Silver Floods Rome

  • Analyzing Roman Coins
  • Roman Theater in Antalya
  • Roman Road in Aigai, Manisa

Historic Findings: A Roman Neighborhood

  • Entire Roman Neighborhood Discovered in Vienne
  • Byzantine Chapel Found Illegally Excavated
  • Roman Pottery Found in Ancient Roman City of Antiocheia Ad Cragum in Antalya
  • Empty Roman Necropolis Discovered in Uşak
  • Funerary Epigraph Discovered in Porta Stabia
  • Ancient Roman Burial Discovered in Carthage’s Chariot Racing Ruins

Historic Roman Findings: Britain, Libya, France

  • A Large Treasure Hoard was Found in Ptolemais
  • A Gallo-Roman Villa is Being Examined
  • A Cache of Roman Letters was Found in Vindolanda
  • The Akaki Mosaic
  • The Secret to Roman Concrete
  • Laying Beneath the Roman Metro
  • A Sarcophagus in London

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