Space Findings #1-20

Most Important Discovery


  • The Discovery of the TRAPPIST System


Space Findings: Rocket Success (and Failure) & Voyager 1

  • Orbital ATK
  • SpaceX
  • 2010 JO179
  • Voyager 1, Still Traveling
  • Kepler-90 System
  • A Satellite Fleet

Space Findings: Ghana, Exomoon

  • Ghana in Space
  • Neptune’s Ammonia
  • The First Exomoon
  • Naming Pluto

Space Findings: Astronauts, New Planet?, Harassment

  • New Nanomaterial Provide Radiation Protection
  • Methanol Discovered on Enceladus
  • Planet 9
  • Harassment in Astronomy and Planetary Science
  • Vintage NASA Footage Released 

New Space: Stellar Collision

  • Stellar Explosion

New Space: Mars Drone + New Horizons Update

  • Mars Drone
  • New Horizons Update

New Space: Zero2infinity, NASA, Enceladus

  • Zero2infinity
  • The Lost Satellite
  • The Coldest Experiment
  • The Ocean of Enceladus
  • A Mimas Snapchat

New Horizons New Finds

  • New Horizon’s Findings 

Uranian Moons

  • Undiscovered

ExoMars Sad Update

  • The Fate of the Mars Lander


  • New Mars Exploration

Blue Origin: Successful Test!

  • A New Rocket


  • Rosetta Falls

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