Historic Findings: Tablets of Assyria & Fabergé Knives

5710593 - old relief representing an assirian warrior hunting lions

kmiragaya / 123RF Stock Photo


Assyrian Tablets

A trove of Assyrian tablets, 93 in total, have been discovered near the small village of Bassetki, northern Iraq, dating to around 1250 BCE. Two Mittani cuneiform tablets were also found, belonging to a civilization which was located north of the Assyrians. The ruins that the tablets were found in dates back even further to the Akkadian Empire and now they need to be translated to reveal any additional information. The research was conducted by Dr. Peter PfälznerUniversity of Tübingen



A French Treasure Hoard

In the Abbey of Cluny, Saône-et-Loire, France, a massive treasure keep was discovered consisting of 2,200 deniers and oboles (silver French coins), 21 gold dinars (coins used in the Islamic world), a signet ring as well as an assortment of other objects. The deniers were typical since they were used throughout France (albeit the number was quite large) but the ring and dinars were more luxurious due to their relative rarity. Anne Baud (Université Lumière Lyon 2) and Anne Flammin, an engineer at Laboratoire Archéologie et Archéométrie, conducted the study. The ring needs to be examined closely since they can usually reveal essential information. The dinars also need to be tracked because they likely did not originate in France.



Cretan Statue

New pieces of jewelry and statuettes were found at the Minoan city of Petras, Crete. The dig, in its 12th year, was conducted by Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou, Honorary Director of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.



Fabergé Knives

Believe it or not, Fabergé knives exist. After the overthrow off the Tsars it was believed that they were destroyed like some much of the Russian monarchy but two of them appeared to have survived. Kept by a Russian soldier, they were later old to a Polish doctor whose family kept them for 100 years and then had them appraised. After they discovered that they were genuine, the current owner decided to sell them to a private collector whose offering was reported here as one million euros.



Statues in Isparta

Excavations in the ancient city of Pisidia Antiokheia, located in Isparta, Turkey uncovered several sculptures of gods and goddesses.



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