Happy New Year!

Bursa Christmas Tree

This was taken in a mall called Zafer Plaza AVM in Bursa, Turkey. AVM stands for Alışveriş Merkezi which in English means “Shopping Center” so it’s basically a mall. Whenever you see AVM, just think mall.  

In Turkey, a Muslim majority nation, Christmas is not celebrated. They do however celebrate New Year’s and decorate for the occasion with lights and holly. To be fair, they also do this year round because it looks nice. 

Lights near IKEA

More lights

These pictures were taken near an IKEA in Alaşarköy, Turkey, just north of Bursa.

Now for New Year’s you are supposed to give presents to your friends and family. Malls as well as smaller shops are decorated with a variety of decorations including Christmas trees, large fake presents, snowflake lights, reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus and other holiday designs. But remember, they don’t celebrate Christmas. 

Symbol Tree

I found this New Year’s Tree in Symbol Kocaeli Alışveriş Merkezi, or just Symbol in Izmit, Turkey. 

The alternative that I’ve become accustomed to using is New Year’s. New Year’s trees, New Year’s presents and so on. In that spirit, I’ve included a variety of New Year’s decorations here. 

Great Escape Christmas

This is a movie theater in a mall called Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg, USA. It doesn’t fit with the rest but I thought it was a nice picture. 

I hope all of you find peace in the New Year and create meaningful change in your life that you can be proud of. 

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