Photos #1-20

I’ll be posting all of my photo collections here.


Turkish Cypress

  • A beautiful specimen of a cypress tree near the Sea of Marmara 

Izmit Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower)

  • A very nice picture of the Clock Tower in Izmit, Turkey.

Restaurant Dog

  • This little guy was hanging around a restaurant. 

Ormanpark Peacock

  • Ever seen some peacocks?

See No Evil, Hoot No Evil

  • Here are some small, stone owls

A View of the Bosphorus

  • A picture of the Bosphorus

Snow Time

  • Check out some stuff in the snow

Tree Dog

  • It’s a dog under a tree

Koru, Maşukiye

  • A nice preview of a restaurant in Turkey

donatello pizza

  • Some TMNT love from Istanbul

Honey in Turkey

  • This is how it’s sold in Turkey

Turkish Angora

  • Featuring a Turkish Angora cat

A Horse From Sakarya

  • Just a horse from Sakarya

The Black Sea

  • This is a photo I took in Kerpe


  • Two photo of Nusr-Et but from different places

War for the Planet of the Apes…in Turkish

  • Here is a Turkish War for the Planets of the Apes poster in Istanbul

Brownstone Cafe

  • This is a cafe from Middletown, PA


  • Just some pretty flowers

Birds, Birds, Birds

  • This is a collection of photos and videos I have from a bird show/pet sale.

Happy New Year!

  • These are some pictures from the “New Year”

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