Sustainability Compilations

Sustainability Compilation #5: Recycle (or Label) Your Food

  • Zera: a device that tuns waste food into fertilizer
  • Food Cycler: a device that tuns waste food into fertilizer
  • HomeBiogas: a device which converts food waste into biogas
  • LaserFood: a plastic-free solution to labeling fruit

Sustainability Compilation #4: Cleaning The Environment 

  • Graviky Labs: converting soot into a spray paint for artists
  • HefCel: a biodegradable food pouch
  • Kentucky Coal Mining Museum: made news for using solar panels
  • DB Export: recycles bottles into sand for construction projects

Sustainability Compilation #3: Personal Planting

  • Bios Urn: a funeral urn using ashes of the deceased to grow a tree
  • Life Gem Diamonds: will turn your corpse into a gem
  • Celestis: launches your ashes into space
  • Coeio: encase your corpse in a suit which will decompose you to grow mushrooms
  • Margaux Ruyant: designed a concept for a funeral urn using ashes of the deceased to grow a tree
  • Bionicraft: designed a potted plant concept using scrap food to grow plants
  • FarmBot: an automatic, grid layout, planting device which will tend a garden for you

Sustainability Compilation #2: Innovative Plants

  • Full Grown: creates furniture by growing small trees into specific shapes
  • Reforestum: an app which lets people pay for trees to be planted
  • Nanjing Towers: a planned set of skyscrapers which contain hundreds of plants to absorb carbon dioxide

Sustainability Compilation #1: Sustainable Housing 

  • ByFusion: recycle plastic garbage into plastic blocks for construction
  • Brikawood: construct wooden houses using minimal materials 
  • Conceptos Plasticos: recycle plastic into blocks for affordable housing



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