Nusr-et sales

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This was a funny rent sign for a store I found in Izmit. Kiralık (ker-ah-luke, that second ı is a Turkish letter and is pronounced like u but different) means for rent in Turkish. Pretty much everyone has heard of Nusr-Et by now or maybe you know the name Salt Bae? Well, needless to say, he is very famous in Turkey, especially since meat is so popular. If you’re wondering whether or not I have been to his restaurant, well……………………..

Nusr-et menu

The one I visited was near Beşiktaş, a famous district at the center of Istanbul. How good was it? I thought it was fairly good although not amazing, but perhaps I need the man himself for the true Nusr-Et experience. Share some pictures if you guys visit. 


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  3. Martinsnomy says:

    Hellow my name is Martinsnomy. Wery good art! Thx 🙂


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