The Black Sea

Black Sea Beauty

For use elsewhere, credit: Tome of Trovius,

I took this photo at the Black Sea at a small beach resort called Kerpe.  The Black Sea is known for a few things: beaches, farms and tea. The tea is more in the northeast so Kerpe is mainly just a small little beach. The difference between the Black Sea and Aegean Sea near Greece is that the Black Sea has a different climate. Since it is in Eastern Europe it will go through a winter period and thus the appeal of beach resorts only lasts during the warmer months. The Black Sea is also not the safest place. The sea has a tendency to pull you out into it and tidal waves are occasional and usually surprising to their victims. Despite this, it is a very wonderful place to visit.

Kerpe is a small beach that wraps around the sea in a semicircle with cafes and sunbathers dotting the shores. There are a few small areas where you can swim, which are designated with netted boundaries so that people don’t get swept out to see. It has a small boardwalk where you can eat fish and drink tea while watching the waves drift in and out but there are also restaurants all over the beach so you can pick your favorite spot.  

When I visited there was a massive amount of overcast and I thought for sure it would rain at some point however it was only a cloudy day. The clouds did create the interesting effect that they do when small portions part and allow sunlight to shimmer down to the sea. Rays would occasionally shine down onto different parts of the beach, creating beautiful moments which I saw but only captured later. The map I have below will show you where this beach is if you want to visit. Be warned though, bring cash; they have no ATMs.

 Kerpe P

As you can see it is close to Istanbul since it’s in the Kocaeli province (Istanbul’s neighbor) but Ankara, Turkey’s capital, is farther away. Below is a zoomed in view:


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