Historic Findings: Venezuelan Rock Art

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cookelma / 123RF Stock Photo

Along the Orinoco, a massive river cutting Venezuela in half, a large amount of rock art has been found, specifically in the Atures Rapids. They’re located on the bend in Venezuela where the countries border starts going south and where the Orinoco merges with the Meta River at the Colombian border. The petroglyphs were dated at around 2,000 years old and depict animals, people and rituals. One of the rocks contained 93 different engravings with one of them measuring over several meters and a horned snake which is over 30 meters long. Interestingly, drones were used to photograph some of the petroglyphs which were difficult to reach, once again showing the importance of moving technology forward, even if it’s not clear what it will be used for. The river had been much lower during the discovery, allowing the petroglyphs to be found. Dr. Philip Riris, UCL Institute of Archaeology, is the author of the paper detailing the engravings.



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