Koru, Maşukiye


I visited the Koru Restaurant a year ago and had a fairly good time but was impressed with the architecture used for a restaurant I never would have noticed. 


Tucked back into the forested areas and hills west of Lake Sapanca (pronounced Sapanja with the a’s spoken as ah) it serves a fairly typical menu. 



As you can notice from the pictures, stone and wood were used in the building but blend in quite well.


Here you can see some wheels worked into a wooden balcony.


I had a Turkish breakfast here which isn’t a normal breakfast. It consists of numerous jams, cheeses, bread, pide, fried sausage with eggs, black tea as well as any other special foods that they use. Almost like an event, it is a very common meal across Turkey, if you have the time.



When you walk into the restaurant you first enter a closed courtyard with the option to sit outside, inside, near a furnace or upstairs. 




They even built the main building around a tree, allowing it to become part of the restaurant. 


For use elsewhere, credit: Tome of Trovius, https://tomeoftrovius.com


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