Historic Findings: Arabian Gates UPDATE

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Ever since the mysteries designs popped up throughout the barren Arabian landscape, researchers have been ready to photograph them. The stone gates sitting patiently in the desert are all ready to be explored and cataloged and yet this hasn’t happened. The main reason was that Saudi Arabia was reluctant to allow outsiders to fly in their airspace. So, the community waited. Recently, this nervous mindset has cooled off and they recently allowed some flyby excursions across the desert to get a bird’s eye view of the ancient wonders. Professor David Kennedy from the previous article was involved and, with a team forming up to investigate the desert, he is hopeful the Saudis will grant a license for them to explore at their leisure and finally unlock the hidden secrets that have for so long tantalized intrigued minds on the subject.



This is my original article where I briefly touched on the discovery as well as talked about the difficulty exploring the area. 



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