Real Life Robots #3: Prosthesis

Credit: Furrion

We have already seen the slow-mo start to mech fighting in MegaBots ambitious Japanese venture, viewed by millions of people online. With such an amazing start the future for mech fighting is looking up. Furrion is another company with a mech and a video and they’re all ready to compete…….in racing. Furrion decided to pursue a separate venture and use mechs to race each other, in parallel to the bare metal boxing MegaBots offers. I did a little bit of legwork on the company to see what I could find out about their vision and what a future mech racing league would look like.

The mech in question you see above is called Prosthesis and was made by Furrion’s subdivision, Exo-Bionics. The future that they envision for the mech is similar to what MegaBots sees; stadium based competitions with different mech models competing in front of an audience. This is what they would call X1 Mech Racing. The robot itself can run up to 20 mph for about an hour since it runs on a charge which doesn’t last too long. When you look at Prosthesis it resembles a steel cage with legs more than a conventional robot and the legs are lined up in a row, two on each side. It moves like a spider which is good for difficult terrain but not really for speed. They’ll need to change this if they want to appeal to an audience.

They’re very comparable to MegaBots based on the work they have put into this project however I have one, just one main concern. MegaBots is solely committed to their goal of creating a mech on mech brawl fest and have provided plenty of behind the scenes videos and discussions. Furrion seems to have their interest in a lot of different fields, which can muddle their real world achievements if they split themselves too much. Founded in 2004 by three people, the company strives to invent luxury technology for the future. To that end, they’ve already produced a number of products available for purchase.


A truck which functions as a mobile home.

Credit: Furrion


There’s also this

Credit: Furrion


This would be their headquarters which is a very flashy office with a penchant for pretty girls as we saw above.

Credit: Furrion


All of this suggests that they have a rich customer base to support them and push their vision of the future ahead. This concerns me since, if the mech does fail, what happens next? Their business interests are not only focused on their mech and it could fall through, leaving it to only be a neat prop. Whether it achieves success or not it is another important step forward in designing futuristic mechs. Keep in mind that even failures are a success here. Every new mech made, every new design tried, we get even closer to real world applications of these technologies. It is only a matter of decades before you’ll see them in person.


Here is their YouTube page and their website


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