The Record of 2016

The cultures for this year were recorded as: Byzantine, Etruscan, Greek, Iranian, Ottoman, Roman, Umayyad





Location: Black Sea Finds: Ships




Location: Abydos, Egypt Finds: Ships




Location: Poggio Colla, Italy Find: Stele




Location: Peta, Jordan Finds: Statue


Culture: Minoan/Mycenaean Location: Pylos, Greece Finds: Body, rings, mirror, combs, sword, various objects


Location: Bathonea, Turkey Finds: Medicine Bottles




Location: Nara, Japan Finds: Wooden




Location: Black Sea Finds: Ships




Main: Asian Location: London, U.K. Find: Bodies


Location: Antikythera, Greece Find: Various


Location: Okinawa,Japan Find: Coins




Location: Khirbat al-Minya, Israel Finds: Factory


Location: Finds:



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