Alternative Afterlives #3: Capsula Mundi

Credit: Capsula Mundi


Capsula Mundi (Life Capsule) is an Italian service similar to previous examples I have found which want to create forest cemeteries. They will take bodies or ash and encase them in a dirt pod, plant them and then plant a tree on top so that it can absorb the nutrient. The pod is a biodegradable egg shaped pod which can release the nutrients slowly. Ashes are stored in a smaller pod while the bodies require larger pods. They are expensive though, coming in at $460 or $510 depending on the model you want. They explain the idea a little more here if you’d like to hear more.

Credit: Capsula Mundi


Credit: Capsula Mundi


Here is their YouTube channel if you want to see a little more in video form:


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