Roman Findings: Caesarea Mosaic, Roman Boxing

Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority Official Channel

In the Caesarea National Park in northern Israel a large mosaic was discovered which dated to the 2nd – 3rd century CE. Caesarea is an old Roman city which has been the site for amazing discovery after discovery for years. The mosaic was Roman but also had Greek inscriptions and featured 3 men in togas but who they are remains unclear. There was speculation surrounding their identities and it is thought they could either be government officials or rich men in the city but nothing has been confirmed so far.  A Byzantine building was later constructed over the mosaic and dated to the 5th century CE. This discovery was being looked for though, the next was a surprise during a war.


During the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, the house of Gaza resident Abdul Karim al-Kafarnah was destroyed along with the surrounding area. He had been looking over his garden years later and found a part of the ground where the water poured in. He found stairs in the ground which led him to a grave complex consisting of nine graves, some with their graves occupied. A number of votive lamps and pieces of pottery were also discovered. This shows that even during war, discoveries can still be made. Construction is also a common way of making discoveries.


A Roman sarcophagus dated to 2,000 years ago was found at a construction site in Istanbul. A new high school was planned for the area but upon finding the remains local archaeologists were immediately called to examine it. Some human remains were found inside but nothing of particular interest. The Vindolanda fort was by far the most exciting discovery here.


During an evaluation of artifacts found in the Vindolanda fort, an old Roman fort in England, researchers believe they have discovered the only known pair of Roman boxing gloves. The gloves are not actual gloves but leather straps you would wrap around your knuckles to protect them. Unfortunately, researchers think that they are actually sparring gloves and not true gloves used in the area but it is still a fantastic find.


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