Roman Findings: Metro House, Amasra Sea Ruins

Credit: MiBACT.TV


The ever exciting digging under Roman soil to expand their metro system has this time yielded an amazing house. They believe the house belonged to a Roman commander due to its proximity to a nearby barracks. It has plenty of mosaics and decorated walls, 14 rooms, a bathhouse and under floor heating (yes, some nicer houses had heating). It’s going to be taken apart for construction work and then be put back at a later date. As exciting as that is, a storm in Spain accidentally revealed a Roman public works project.


After a storm in Cádiz, Spain, archaeologists discovered the remains of what they believed to be the ancient Aqueduct of Gades, a massive aqueduct which supplied water to the citizens of ancient Cádiz when it was called Gades. Although only some small portions were found it will still add to the history of where the pipeline was built in the past and reinforces the historical account. You’d think this was just a coincidence but in Amasra the same thing happened as well. Instead of revealing something though, the sea coughed something up.


Another storm in the Black Sea town of Amasra coughed up archaeological remnants from the sea, as locals later discovered carved marble and stone washed up on the shore. A total of 10 were recovered and are being appraised by archaeologists before being placed in a museum. They were identified as Roman from the 1st to 3rd century CE. The town used to be the town Amastris, a Persian town later taken by the Romans.


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