Pre-Publishing Update #1

Currently the progress on my non-fiction history book is going well. I’ve separated them into several categories to fulfill all of the different concepts that I want to present. Before it truly resembled a jumbled mess of everything! I’ve also come to appreciate the true scale of writing for a book but more over the in-depth frustration that is fact-finding. Searching for sources is one of the greatest mental burns one can undertake. The other fictional books are going steady yet I have found myself consistently going through the material to improve it. Hopefully my steadiness will improve over time. In the meantime I’ll be sharing some fun links and videos here just to keep anyone updated about news or something they might find which makes them think about something they may never have seen before. 


This is the Mexico episode and makes me want to try REAL Mexicano food more.

Credit: Geography Now

The 8 bit adventures of Hercules which really needs a proper game made of it.

Credit: TED-Ed

Gravity Industries Tracks

Credit: Gravity Industries
Additional Info:

I’d found Alex French Guy Cooking a while back and admired h’is determination to his craft. It’s a trait I’d found before in Japanese chefs who consistently sought self-perfection at every step, looking for the best way. He embraces this concept wholeheartedly and explores the cooking world, seeking to strike his own way in the world. Here are some excellent examples of his work:

Credit: Alex French Guy Cooking

Credit: Ollie Bye

Zhao Deli has created a hoverbike called Jin Dou Yun (Magical Cloud) in China. He doesn’t even have any engineering training, just a dream to have his own hoverbike.

Credit: South China Morning Post

Kalashnikov also seems to be taking a cue from developing new technologies by now showing off their new mech. A big difference in the design is purpose. The mech was obviously not designed with a combat role in mind due to the top heavy appearance, the smaller arms and the skinnier legs. However, it is an indicator of how the mech idea has begun to penetrate into the mainstream as I recall that at the outset MegaBots was met with ridicule for exploring an apparently useless endeavor. To the exact opposite, it seems MegaBots has started a movement but to where it goes remains unseen.

FutureWise also debuted their mech recently so thankfully it is real and my suspicions can rest. It looks more like a modernized tank as opposed to MegaBots Mk. III which had much a sharper, square design akin to older tanks.

Credit: Channel NewsAsia

Zero waste is good and alive too with another brewery turning their malt into baked goods and a new store set up shop in Kuala Lumpur.

I also found another way to recycle your body after you die. Eternal Reefs will process your body and even pets into artificial reefs for sea creatures, replacing reefs that have been damaged.

Credit: Eternal Reefs

Apparently Akon is trying to create a cryptocurrency futuristic African city in Senegal. I stopped paying attention for just a year and he’s making a crypto city.

I’ve also come across Youbionic which made an artificial arm.

Credit: Youbionic




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