North Macedonia, Wheat Straws, Deceased Vinyl – 11/28/18

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.) is on the path to renaming their nation the Republic of Northern Macedonia. But why the change? Well aside from Prince, most people wouldn’t want to be referred to as “former” anything. Would the United States prefer the Former Colonies of the British Empire? Aside from such minor adjustments the name Macedonia is the primary issue. Unfortunately for the people of this nation,they do not possess the ancient region of Macedonia from whence they are named.The Macedonia in question derives from the Kingdom of Macedonia, a Greek state in the north of Greece, made powerful under Phillip II and famous under Alexander the Great, the man who conquered an empire. In fact, the province in Greece where the ancient ruins of Macedonia exist is called Macedonia. So why would F.Y.R.O.M. call itself Macedonia?

The claim from F.Y.R.O.M. is that their people can identify as Macedonian because ethnic Macedonians migrated to the region then intermarried and settled with the people living there. Greece counters that the word Macedon is uniquely Greek and inseparable from part of their cultural heritage and that the Macedonians are stealing the name. An example for you to use to understand this mess would be for people in Morocco to call themselves Roman because Morocco belonged to the Roman Empire at one point. Unfortunately,due to this naming dispute tensions between Greece and Macedonia are high and Greece has worked to prevent Macedonia from ascending into the EU and NATO. As a solution, the leaders of both nations met and agreed on several different points including the nation’s new name, their flag and education in the Prespa agreement.

After opposition from the opposition the government put the deal with Greece to a vote in a referendum. For the referendum, voters were asked, “Are you in favour of European Union and NATO membership by accepting the agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece?” Macedonians voted overwhelmingly for the name change but the vote was non-binding (doesn’t count) since they couldn’t get 50% of the voter to go vote. The government wasn’t going to stop here and they managed to get enough votes in parliament to begin the process which at this point looks as if North Macedonia will soon become a new nation however the world is full of surprises. For more information on the dispute’s origins you can watch a video from Geography Now.

Credit: Geography Now

Credit: Deveci Tech

Deveci Tech aims to reinvent highways by thinking about how we use them. The goal is to generate wind energy from the cars, trucks and buses bustling across these major roads every day using turbines called ENLIL. The turbines aren’t the oversized versions you’ll find on hilltops though. They’ll be placed in the middle of roads and spin as fast as the vehicles driving alongside them. They can also spin from the everyday winds blowing across the road and have a solar panel placed on top to take advantage of the sunlight. A secondary use for the ENLIL is to be used as a sensor for humidity,temperature, wind, CO2 levels and for predicting earthquakes.

The Tokalı Church in Turkey will be restored over the next few years to preserve the frescoes inside. It’s one of the many churches found in the Göreme district of Nevşehir, a province in Turkey’s famous Cappadocia region.

Credit: Aeon Video

For most people vinyl records were a method to listen to music. I say were because the amount of active users have dwindled into a niche community, yearning for the pre-digital, pre-CD, pre-cassette days. Ownership could increase though in the future with a new take on vinyl records. The company And Vinyly offers to press records with the ashes of the deceased,giving the record more than a bit of sentimental value. Compared to the other methods I’ve seen involving mushrooms or spaceships this seems fairly tame but think of the possibilities! You can have them speaking, laughing,reciting literature, singing, playing an instrument, talking about their life,relaxing at parties, going to events or anything else you could possibly record. Custom tracks and artwork are available along with the option to press the remains of your pets. In a way, you’ll be able to listen to relatives a hundred years removed from yourself as if they were sitting next to you.

About 1/3 of all food is wasted before being consumed. This report goes into detail about the specifics behind food waste but highlights a concerning problem. In our grocery stores we often don’t think about what happens to the items we don’t buy but unfortunately they’re discarded, wasting all the energy and effort that went into farming, transportation, cleaning,processing, packaging and more transportation. When you multiple this across the world it reveals a disturbing trend of neglecting uses for these items. It highlights the need for more sustainable options and better management of supplies to use our food rather than throw it away.

For once, you’ll enjoy kiosks replacing people. The DMV in California decided to install kiosks in the Santa Clara Central Park Library. This will enable you to leisurely drive to a relaxed space and quickly printout a new license, a far more preferable alternative to the atmosphere of the average DMV waiting room. Since it prints the license for you there’ll be no need to go to the DMV which will have the added benefit of reducing congestion at the offices.

New Automated DMV Kiosks Providing Relief For Bay Area Drivers

The banning of plastic straws across California may seem odd but the intentions behind it are important. Plastic waste accumulates everywhere and it needs to be cleaned up. Unfortunately, changing human nature,a ban does not. People have become accustomed to using straws; they’re pretty common everywhere you go. How exactly will people stop using them? Banning straws with no alternatives won’t create an effective system. Thankfully, a sustainable option to swap out the plastic has already taken root in…….California, how surprising. Harvest Straws is a company from California which produces biodegradable wheat straws to replace plastic straws made from petroleum which are often thrown in the trash, unrecycled, unloved. Tragic. To make the straws they use non-GMO wheat which isn’t treated with chemicals. They’ve also offered them to shops and restaurants allowing them to test their products. They look just like any straw you’d use except they’re stiffer and have a pasta color to them. The benefit of this project though is threefold. It helps to reduce plastic waste and the use of petroleum while also giving more jobs to farmers who’ll be essential in cultivating all the wheat for mass production. If we want a cleaner world, it starts with wasting as little as possible and committing to better solutions.

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