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Racing –   
Live Combat –
Entertainment –
Demonstration – light blue

Fedor – a robot developed by Russia to be used in space missions and capable of firing guns

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Furrion Exo-Bionics – created Prosthesis, a spider like robot operated by pilots to race

Website  My Article

FutureWise – created a large robot called xx21

Website  My Article

GJS Robots – developed  small, remote control robots to fight each other

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Great Metal – created Monkey King and challenged MegaBots to a fight

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Kalashnikov – created a mech

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Letrons – customizes cars to transform into Transformers

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MegaBots – created the fighting robots Iron Glory and Eagle Prime

Website   Intro.     Mk. III     Eagle Prime vs. Kuratas Announcement          Eagle Prime vs. Kuratas Aftermath       Robodrill & Future Rules      Kickstarter Cancelled      What Happened to MegaBots?      

METHOD-1 – released a video of a robot

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Titan the Robot – a robot which is meant to entertain crowds

Website  My Article 

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