Rethink Food, Karton & Non-Plastic Drink Rings – 12/12/18

Credit: Rethink Food NYC

Rescuing food is an important facet of our societies which ensures less waste, less food going to landfills and feeding people who are not as fortunate as us. The charity Rethink Food NYC has committed itself to this goal with a different twist. They take leftover food from restaurants and remake it into free and cheap meals. At the restaurants, bins are provided to collect the food and they’re collected daily in Rethink’s refrigerated truck since most participating restaurants refused to use their employee’s time for it. They coordinate with Food Bank NYC and deliver meals to the location which needs it on that day. The hilarious part was that restaurants and farmers hadn’t donated in the past based on the belief that they would be held accountable if the food was contaminated. The irony was that this had actually never happened and was an urban myth. To guarantee the fact that it wouldn’t happen, Rethink had them sign an indemnification agreement to take the burden off their mind.

The donation is also a fairly big tax write off. The founder hopes the cost benefit of charitable donations and reduced food waste cost will improve their profits which would translate to pay raises for workers. There was some mention by several experts of this effort being minimal in contributing to the end of hunger which I found ridiculous to bring up. Rethink reduces the food to landfill cycle while increasing restaurant profits and giving it back to the community. They can’t end world hunger and I’d dare one of these people to say it has little effect on the person who is actually eating the food. On Rethink’s website they also have a sponsorship program so that you can donate every month to help end someone’s hunger.

Credit: KartonGroupAustralia

Karton Group wants your cardboard. Starting in Berlin in the 80’s, being introduced to Australia in 2011 and now in the United States, Karton’s ambition stretches decades but is really quite simple. They wanted to take cardboard which is no longer used and reinvent it as furniture. Beds,storage boxes, drawers, dressers, tables, desks, stools and more, the options are only limited on what they can imagine.

Credit: SVCE Bangalore

Students at SVCE Bangalore have experimented with smaller wind turbines placed in the center of a highway, generating energy from the gust of cars racing across the adjacent macadam. ENLIL is a similar but larger example and the technology is still in the experimental phase but the benefits of a local power generator would be nice to assist technology which only requires a small amount of electricity.

Credit: We Believers

Sorry this one is old but it’s a great invention. Saltwater Brewery in sunny Delray Beach, Florida, has created a new sick-pack ring for it’s beers which is very different from the competition. In order to reduce the damage that the plastic rings do to wildlife they have taken the barley and wheat from their factory and used it to create biodegradable plastic rings for their beer, which is also edible (if you really want to). E6PR, the company which developed these rings for Saltwater, will be expanding the sale of this product after they are finished testing the rings. They have plans to expand to other soda and beverages too in order to continue to cut down on the waste.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. jkaybay says:

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. Rethink Food sounds like a great development. The tax write-off angle should indeed help it catch on. And the fact that they have the flexibility to take many ingredients from different places and combine them into meals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. troviusmos says:

      Actually I thought the “if we donate we could get sued” idea was more important. I’ve talked with people before and that was the excuse I get and since food waste is enormous if it could be funneled into charity there would be no more hungry.

      Liked by 1 person

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