Outer Space

2010 JO179 – a potential dwarf planet

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Axiom Space – a space station company Axiom

Breakthrough Initiatives – a series of programs attempting to find or contact alien species

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Blue Origin

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Chandrayaan-1 – a failed Indian probe which was rediscovered by NASA

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Chandrayaan 2 – an Indian probe, lander and rover combination preparing to launch and land on the Moon

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Chang’e 4 – a probe launched by China to explore the Moon

Launch Moon Landing

Cold Atom Laboratory – a lab on the ISS which will simulate the coldest temperature possible

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ExoMars – an orbiter/lander team sent to investigate Mars

Lost on Mars Dead Lander

Farout – a recently discovered dwarf planet

Ghana – a new satellite made by students was launched to aid the country

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Hope Mars Mission – the UAE orbiter sent to Mars Hope

Kepler-1625b i – believed to be the first exomoon (a moon orbiting a planet not in our Solar System)

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New Horizons – a probe launched into space which has so far explored Jupiter and Pluto

Pluto Near Ultima Thule Ultima Thule Flyby

Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Defunct: Orbital ATK) – an aerospace & defense company

Successful Launch Merger

OSIRIS-REx – a NASA probe which arrived at the asteroid Bennu


Perseverance & Ingenuity – the NASA rover, orbiter and helicopter sent to Mars Persevere

Planetary Resources – an asteroid mining company

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Relativity Space – a company manufacturing 3-D printed rockets Relative

Rosetta – a space probe sent to investigate the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

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SpaceX – a leading developer of rockets

Merlin Engine Explosion

Tianwen – Chinese rover and orbiter mission to Mars Tianwen

TRAPPIST-1 – a star around which orbits numerous planets the size of Earth

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Uranus – two new moons were discovered by Voyager 2

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Virgin Galactic – a company trying to offer sub-orbital flights

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Voyager 2 – a space probe which is now located in interstellar space

Leaving Sol

Zero2infinity – a company creating high-altitude balloons to lower the cost of launching rockets

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