Calispell Peak

Credit: Google

Calispell Peak is the tallest mountain west of the Pend Oreille River near the valley with the town Calispell. On this peak in northeast Washington and other mountains to the northeast of Calispell there are multiple checkered forests. The Calispell Peak is also within the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge which is part of the larger Colville National Forest. The northeast has numerous peaks including the Cee Cee Ah Peak, the North Baldy Mountain and the Molybdenite Mountain. Between all these mountains there is a valley. Cusick is the main town in the valley near Calispell and also home to the HQ of the Kalispel Indian Community of the Kalispel Reservation, an ancient indigenous tribe in the area. On the larger map you can also see that the checked forest near Priest Lake, Idaho is just due east of this valley.

Location Data:,-117.2927788,54254m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e4

Calispell Peak

Molybdenite Mountain

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