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In every proton and neutron there exist quarks, bound together through the strong force. This force is mediated by massless particles called gluons which act like glue. They have never been identified separately from quarks but there is a hypothetical particle that physicist have been looking for. The prize they are chasing is called a glueball. Variants of the names used in literature include gluonium and gluon-ball. The glueball should have two or several gluons which bind to each other instead of binding quarks together. They can do this because they carry the color charge and can exert the strong force unto themselves. Beyond the stage of calculation, experimental evidence for the particle is the current goal. It is thought that they could have a spin of 2 or 3 and are made of two or three gluons, similar to mesons or baryons. There has even been a possible glueball found called f0(1710)however it hasn’t been confirmed. Currently, a research project called GlueX at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility accelerator is specifically searching for the glueball by producing exotic mesons which could lead to glueballs.

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The Physics of Glueballs

The Status of Glueballs

Identification of a Scalar Glueball

Glueball Properties from the Bethe-Salpeter Equation

A list of theoretical papers on glueballs

WATCH: The Hunt For Glueball Particles Explained

Glueball – A Particle Purely Made of Nuclear Force


Papers published from the GlueX facility

Possible gluon

Nonchiral enhancement of scalar glueball decay in the Witten-Sakai-Sugimoto model


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