With the founding of CHOP/CHAZ people are thinking of bringing it to their neighborhood.

YouTube Excellence #2: Geography Now

Credit: Geography Now It’s time to learn Geography NOW! This is the catchy start to the YouTube show, Geography Now. A favorite of mine for years, it features its host, Barby (cool Aussie word, also girl’s doll), goes over, in general, each country that exists in the world which has been recognized by the U.N….

Fighting Robots

These are robots which I classify as being used to compete for fun or sport however they are large robots and not the smaller ones used for home entertainment. MegaBots / Great Metal / FutureWise /      

ToT Facts #1: Vermont vs Bahrain

For use elsewhere, credit: Tome of Trovius,     Vermont GDP   Bahrain GDP   Vermont Area Census of Population and Housing, 2010 CPH-2. Population and Housing Unit Counts Pages 1 & 41 Click to access cph-2-1.pdf   Bahrain Area Demographic Yearbook Collection, 2011-2015,  DYB 2012 – individual tables & notes, Table…

Historic Findings: Venezuelan Rock Art

cookelma / 123RF Stock Photo Along the Orinoco, a massive river cutting Venezuela in half, a large amount of rock art has been found, specifically in the Atures Rapids. They’re located on the bend in Venezuela where the countries border starts going south and where the Orinoco merges with the Meta River at the Colombian…