A variety of new technologies aimed at changing the way people are transported around the world.


The list of new drone concepts emerging around the world

Pacific Rim: Uprising – A Review

Credit: Legendary   The newest robots vs. monsters film Pacific Rim: Uprising, a sequel to the first one, Pacific Rim, has arrived and I’ve been very excited for its arrival since I was a fan of the original. My review is going to take a bit of a different direction from what I’ve seen other…

2000: Airport Kiosks

Here is a forum post talking about how US Airways has installed kiosks at the Ronald Reagan National Airport and Logan International Airport. Created by IBM they used touch screens which at the time was a novelty since we were still in the age of buttons.   For more articles related to technology go…

Combat Robots

These are robots used for fighting in militaries or at least in police forces.  Fedor /

Entertainment Robots

These are different robots which are used for entertainment purposes only.  Titan the Robot / Letrons / GJS /

1999: Web Pay Phones

I find this article fun to read just for the nostalgia factor of having to pay for internet by the minute because people wanted Internet on the go. This article talked about a new trend right on the cusp of the new millennium; Web pay phones, which, if you can remember, you have a better…

Automating Humanity

Credit: Business Insider This is a nice little video from 11/30/2016 about those McDonald’s kiosks everyone likes to talk about so much. The kiosks are coming the kiosks are coming! They’ve been coming for 20 years but somehow no one seems to remember this. People also seem to think that minimum wage has somehow magically…