Veni Vedi Vici

After Caesar’s victory over Pharnaces he sent to Rome his simple report, “Veni Vedi Vici”.

YouTube Excellence #2: Geography Now

Credit: Geography Now It’s time to learn Geography NOW! This is the catchy start to the YouTube show, Geography Now. A favorite of mine for years, it features its host, Barby (cool Aussie word, also girl’s doll), goes over, in general, each country that exists in the world which has been recognized by the U.N….

The Record of 2016

The cultures for this year were recorded as: Byzantine, Etruscan, Greek, Iranian, Ottoman, Roman, Umayyad     Byzantine   Location: Black Sea Finds: Ships   Egypt   Location: Abydos, Egypt Finds: Ships   Etruscan   Location: Poggio Colla, Italy Find: Stele   Greek   Location: Peta, Jordan Finds: Statue   Culture: Minoan/Mycenaean Location:…

Roman Findings: Julian Landing, Augustan-era Ships, Sümela Chapel

bloodua / 123RF Stock Photo   The landing site of Julius Caesar’s British Invasion has a new contender at Pegwell Bay based on carbon dating of weapons, similarities to the fortress of Alésia and the size of the bay compared to Caesar’s fleet size. The research was carried out by researchers from the University of Leicester….

Roman Findings #1-20

Roman Findings: Metro House, Amasra Sea Ruins Roman Findings: Beit Shemesh Monastery, 1,000 Doliche Seals Roman Findings: Caesarea Mosaic, Roman Boxing Roman Findings: Julian Landing, Augustan-era Ships, Sümela Chapel Roman & Byzantine Ships Hampshire Temple Sümela Chapel Kahramanmaraş Necropolis Çorum Hermes Denizli Sewage Marble Roman Findings: Caligula’s Stolen Mosaic EB2AB Roman Lead Stolen Mosaics Remains…

Historic Findings #1-20

Historic Findings – Nigeria, UAE, Egypt Findings in the Danube The Bamburgh Bird Tombs throughout Egypt Trading in Arabia in the Bronze Age An Aztec Ballcourt The Glass of Ife-Ife A Fragment from Arad Historic Findings – Tomb of Augustus, England, Vienna Scanning Carnuntum Beneath Chichester Renovating Augustus Historic Findings – Delos, Alexandria, Mycenaean Tomb Delian Harbor…

Historic Findings: Luwian BE5A

bepsphoto / 123RF Stock Photo   Clocking in at over 14,000 years old, an archaeological dig on Triquet Island (a small island appx. 450 km northwest of Vancouver) has unearthed an ancient human settlement belonging to the area of the current Heiltsuk nation. Some of the findings included an atlatl (spear-thrower), fish hooks and a…

Historic Findings: Cities of the Americas 2ADBC

Recent discoveries have emerged out of the Pre-Colombian city of Chan Chan. The city used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Chimor before the Incans overran them and has coughed up four wood sculptures. 3 were males but 1 was a woman, an unusual finding for their culture. Further work will likely be…


Roman Empire Maps Check out some cool maps! M-1 Global Knight Fighting MMA (no, seriously) The Mummy Learn about mummies Fact: The Roman Colosseum was built with Jewish Money That Colosseum wasn’t built with just anyone’s money