Outer Space

2010 JO179 – a potential dwarf planet My Article Asgardia – Website My Article 1st Update Satellite Launch Breakthrough Initiatives – a series of programs attempting to find or contact alien species Website My Article Blue Origin – Website My Article Chandrayaan-1 – a failed Indian probe which was rediscovered by NASA My Article Chandrayaan…


A variety of new technologies aimed at changing the way people are transported around the world.


The list of new drone concepts emerging around the world


This is the variety of robots being developed that I’ve covered.

Pre-Publishing Update #1

Currently the progress on my non-fiction history book is going well. I’ve separated them into several categories to fulfill all of the different concepts that I want to present. Before it truly resembled a jumbled mess of everything! I’ve also come to appreciate the true scale of writing for a book but more over the…

Pacific Rim: Uprising – A Review

Credit: Legendary   The newest robots vs. monsters film Pacific Rim: Uprising, a sequel to the first one, Pacific Rim, has arrived and I’ve been very excited for its arrival since I was a fan of the original. My review is going to take a bit of a different direction from what I’ve seen other…