Roman Findings: Beit Shemesh Monastery, 1,000 Doliche Seals

Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority Official Channel   A Byzantine monastery was discovered during construction in Ramat Beit Shemesh outside Jerusalem. Among the findings were mosaic floors decorated with birds and pomegranates, stone walls, bases of marble pillars decorated with crosses, a bronze cross and ceramic oil lamps. The finds from the next excavation were much…

Roman Findings: Caesarea Mosaic, Roman Boxing

Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority Official Channel In the Caesarea National Park in northern Israel a large mosaic was discovered which dated to the 2nd – 3rd century CE. Caesarea is an old Roman city which has been the site for amazing discovery after discovery for years. The mosaic was Roman but also had Greek inscriptions…

YouTube Excellence #2: Geography Now

Credit: Geography Now It’s time to learn Geography NOW! This is the catchy start to the YouTube show, Geography Now. A favorite of mine for years, it features its host, Barby (cool Aussie word, also girl’s doll), goes over, in general, each country that exists in the world which has been recognized by the U.N….

Roman Findings: Julian Landing, Augustan-era Ships, Sümela Chapel

bloodua / 123RF Stock Photo   The landing site of Julius Caesar’s British Invasion has a new contender at Pegwell Bay based on carbon dating of weapons, similarities to the fortress of Alésia and the size of the bay compared to Caesar’s fleet size. The research was carried out by researchers from the University of Leicester….

Asian bodies discovered in London

In a Roman cemetery south of London two skeletons that were unearthed and examined were determined to have been of Asian origin. The ancient Roman city of Londinium was an administrative center in England for the Romans but Asians weren’t exactly on the list of visitors. Researchers were mainly looking to see if migrants were…