Historic & Scientific Findings

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Roman Findings: A Happy Dog

  • Licking Dog
  • Roman Antalya
  • Konya Gardens
  • A Konya Mosaic
  • West Wall Theater

Historic Findings: The Sealand Kings

  • Sealand
  • The Minoans and Mycenaeans
  • Hungary To Nationalize Suleiman the Magnificent (Maybe)
  • Assyrian Irrigation
  • History of Wine
  • The Vietnam Trading Community

Space Findings: Ghana, Exomoon

  • Ghana in Space
  • Neptune’s Ammonia
  • The First Exomoon
  • Naming Pluto

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Roman Findings: Romans Underwater

  • The Sunken Ruins
  • The New British Bellerophon
  • The Vindolanda Rooms

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Scientific Findings: A Cleaner Ocean & Mouth

  • A New Mineral is Discovered
  • Gas Drinking Bacteria Live in Mussels & Sponges
  • A Bioglass to Restore Teeth has Proven Effective
  • A Rule of Physics has been Broken 

Scientific Findings: Midichlorians Are Not Real

  • A Fake Science Article Gets Accepted into Science Journals
  • A New Invention for Premature Infants has been Invented
  • A Solar Company Wants to Build in Tunisia 
  • A Quantum NMR is Much More Powerful than Contemporary Models
  • An Ancient Babylonian Tablet has Another Solution 

Roman Findings: The Citrus King

  • Citrus in the Ancient World
  • A Hidden Portrait is Revealed
  • Durreueli Villa
  • Neglected Roman Tombs
  • Greek Mosaic in Jerusalem
  • Roman Sarcophagi in Rome

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Historic Findings: Carthaginian Silver Floods Rome

  • Analyzing Roman Coins
  • Roman Theater in Antalya
  • Roman Road in Aigai, Manisa

Historic Findings: Ancient Cultures of Anatolia

  • Göbekli Tepe Skulls
  • Pre-Greek Istanbul Ruins
  • Ani Becomes WORLD Heritage Site
  • Gökçeada Island Neolithic Remains

Historic Findings: Hebron a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Hebron Declared a World Heritage Site
  • Roman Wine Press in Israel
  • Ancient Remains in Gezer Analyzed 
  • Greek Tunnel Discovery in Shallalat Gardens
  • Ancient Cypriot City of Hala Being Excavated 

Historic Findings: A Roman Neighborhood

  • Entire Roman Neighborhood Discovered in Vienne
  • Byzantine Chapel Found Illegally Excavated
  • Roman Pottery Found in Ancient Roman City of Antiocheia Ad Cragum in Antalya
  • Empty Roman Necropolis Discovered in Uşak
  • Funerary Epigraph Discovered in Porta Stabia
  • Ancient Roman Burial Discovered in Carthage’s Chariot Racing Ruins

Space Findings: Astronauts, New Planet?, Harassment

  • New Nanomaterial Provide Radiation Protection
  • Methanol Discovered on Enceladus
  • Planet 9
  • Harassment in Astronomy and Planetary Science
  • Vintage NASA Footage Released 

Historic Roman Findings: Britain, Libya, France

  • A Large Treasure Hoard was Found in Ptolemais
  • A Gallo-Roman Villa is Being Examined
  • A Cache of Roman Letters was Found in Vindolanda
  • The Akaki Mosaic
  • The Secret to Roman Concrete
  • Laying Beneath the Roman Metro
  • A Sarcophagus in London

Historic Findings – Nigeria, UAE, Egypt

  • Findings in the Danube
  • The Bamburgh Bird
  • Tombs throughout Egypt
  • Trading in Arabia in the Bronze Age
  • An Aztec Ballcourt
  • The Glass of Ife-Ife
  • A Fragment from Arad

Science Findings – Poachers, Fossil, ELT

  • Science Papers Lead to Poaching
  • A Dwarf Moon
  • MarsLander Crash Revealed 
  • Extremely large Telescope 
  • New (Old) Fossil

Historic Findings – Tomb of Augustus, England, Vienna

  • Scanning Carnuntum
  • Beneath Chichester
  • Renovating Augustus

Historic Findings – Delos, Alexandria, Mycenaean Tomb

  • Delian Harbor
  • New Mycenaean Tomb
  • Stolen Greek Relic Found
  • A New Alexandrian Tomb

New Space: Stellar Collision

  • Stellar Explosion

New Space: Mars Drone + New Horizons Update

  • Mars Drone
  • New Horizons Update

New History: Ancient Egypt

  • Queen Tiye Found
  • Shroud Rediscovered
  • New Pyramid
  • Psamtik I Satute

New History: Roman Sarcophagi

  • New Roman Sarcophagi

New History: New Crimean Greek statue

  • Crimean Greek Statue

New History: Huge Chinese treasure cache discovered

  • The Sichuan Treasure

New History: Six Cities in One

  • The Six Cities
  • The Datong Tomb
  • A Mound in Nara
  • Amenhotep III Statue
  • The Ramesses Statues

New History: Ancient Port of Salamis

  • The Port of Salamis
  • Treasure near Sicily
  • An Ancient Roman Road
  • The Lucky Bricklayer

New Space: Zero2infinity, NASA, Enceladus

  • Zero2infinity
  • The Lost Satellite
  • The Coldest Experiment
  • The Ocean of Enceladus
  • A Mimas Snapchat

New History: Sudan, Greece, Amazon

  • New Temples in Sudan
  • A Roman Theater
  • The Hyrcanus Bowl
  • The  Vlochós settlement
  • Ancient Chinese Tombs
  • Earthworks of the Amazon
  • Maya Jade

New Science: Mars, Europa, Cells

  • Mars
  • A New Europan Trip
  • Nanostraws
  • New Start Codons

Preservation of History: Palmyrene Restoration

  • Restoring Palmyrene Busts
  • Stolen Greek Piece Found
  • An Albanian Scandal 
  • Renovation of the Ottomans


  • The Discovery of the TRAPPIST System

New Science: Planets & A Dinosaur

  • The Valley of Mercury
  • Plutonian Heart
  • Artificial Pancreas
  • Dino-Feathers

New History: Egyptian & Levantine Discoveries

  • Beit Ras Frescoes 
  • The Thinker of Israel
  • Egyptian Finds
  • The Prefect of Judea

New History: Ancient Cities

  • A New (Bronze) Age
  • A Sarcophagus in Luxor
  • New Gallo-Roman Villa

Egyptian Boats

  • A Boat Burial

Recent Discoveries 2

  • The Palace of Umayyads
  • Greek Medicine
  • Ships Across the Sea

New Horizons New Finds

  • New Horizon’s Findings 

From Persia to Nihon

  • The Persian in Japan

Uranian Moons

  • Undiscovered

ExoMars Sad Update

  • The Fate of the Mars Lander

Roman Currency, In Japan!?!?!?!?!

  • Traveling Coins

The Griffin Warrior

  • A Bronze Age Warrior


  • New Mars Exploration

First Chromatin Model

  • New Model


  • Rosetta Falls

The first 3 parent child is born

  • First 3 Parent Child

Blue Origin: Successful Test!

  • A New Rocket

Recent Discoveries 10/10/16

  • The Etruscan Stele
  • The Aphrodite of Petra
  • A New Antikythera Discovery

Asian bodies discovered in London

  • Roman Graves, Asian DNA