Welcome to History, the place where I will be writing about interesting events throughout history you haven’t heard of and in some cases are never talked about! They will each be separated into broad histories and categorized based on time (BC-AD for ease). Each document contains sources, my opinions, links to key terms and are subject to change over time based on new evidence or collaboration with anyone else.

Greek History

Before the Greco-Persian Wars

Anacharsis: A Scythian Philosopher in a Greek World

The life and quotes of Scythian philosopher Anacharsis.


Among the many stories of the Greco-Persian Wars, this story has both wealth and loss.

Runaway Achaean Slaves

For a time, Macedon was the refugee of slaves running away from the Achaean League.

Callipateira at the Olympics

Getting thrown off a mountain is a weird punishment.


Lucan’s Druid Grove

Lucan had an interesting story about a druid grove in Gaul which sounds unreal.

Persian History

Flaying Judges

The Achaemenids had a very specific punishment for corrupt judges.

118 Sons

With 118 sons, things can get a bit messy.

Mascames & Boges – Heroes of the Achaemenid Empire on the Greek Frontier

Read about the stories of the last Persians to fight the Greeks as they disappeared from Europe.

Roman History

The Black Dinner

After the failure of the Romans to overtake the Dacians, the emperor Domitian held a special dinner for those whom he thought were responsible.

A Famous Lars: Lars Porsena

The life of a famous man named Lars, King of Clusium.

A Ligurian Nightmare

Liguria is described by Livy as an ideal battlefield to create soldiers.

Narni: The Namesake of the Chronicles of Narnia

Narni is a small town in Italy which became the name for the Chronicles of Narnia.

The Deportation of the Apuani

The story of the Romans deporting people from their homeland to Samnium.

An Ancient Archaeological Discovery – Gravisca

Ancient books found thousands of years ago.

A Roman Pandemic

A deadly pestilence spread throughout the nation, leaving so many dead that even funerals became pointless.

Middle Ages

The Gay Science

Learn about the revival of lyrical poetry, all originating from the Occitan region.