Mechanical Menagerie

A series of articles surrounding technology, both new and old, which are changing our world and even our individual lives. The specials contain catalogs of each important innovation within their respective field for easy reference.

Mechanical Menagerie (1-20) (Comp.)


Real Life Robots (List) (1-20)

  • A series focusing on recent developments in robotics. 

Automated Food (List) (1-20)

  • A series focusing on the automation of the food industry

Hoverbikes (1-20)

  • A series dealing with the emerging hoverbike technology


MegaBots Kickstarter Cancelled?

  • Iron Glory vs. Eagle Prime
  • MegaBots Kickstarter, launched and failed
  • Book A Ride

Mechanical Menagerie #9: Holograms

  • Merge VRVoxon Photonics & Euclideon Holographics all have hologram models that they are testing but EH is the only with an interactive public experience, called Holoverse. 


  • An article on the future of the Giant Robot Dueling League
  • MegaBots Drill
  • Rules

Mechanical Menagerie #8: Drones Everywhere

  • Edgar Herrera’s Bladeless Drone
  • Prodrone: the drone with arms
  • Ziphius: an aquatic based drone
  • Bionic Bird: a drone which resembles a bird

Eagle Prime vs. Kuratas: Aftermath

  • Read about the first match between giant robots

Eagle Prime vs. Kuratas

  • The first round of mechanical melee is about to begin!

Automated #2: Self-Driving Delivery – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Issue

  • Domino’s: a self-driving delivery car
  • FZI: an automated bratwurst flipper
  • Little Caesars & Sprinkle Cupcakes: food ATMs
  • A futuristic and automated food truck design
  • A study on the jobs which will be replaced by robots.

Mechanical Menagerie #7: Infrastructure

  • FastBrick Robotics: a company that developed an automatic brick laying vehicle
  • Dual Snow Blower: a design concept for a more efficient snow plower on roads during the winter
  • There is also a large vehicle that constructs bridges

Mechanical Menagerie #6: The Future of Transportation #2

  • Archaeopteryx: an engine-less glider which resembles an airplane to mimic its properties
  •  Tvillingar: a train concept utilizing wind energy, piezoelectricity and dual level cabins
  • Neoplan Omni 2.0 double-decker: a concept for a double decker bus
  • Volvo Autonomous Trailer AT404: A Volvo design for a self-driving trailer
  • Volvo Autonomous Carrier: Another design similar to the one above

Mechanical Menagerie #5: Tools of the Trade

  • HoloLamp: a small box capable of generating holograms
  • FlexDex: a precise surgical tool
  • Lifting Sink: a sink concept for reducing water usage
  • RoboGlove: a specialized glove for use in space

Real Life Robots #1: More Than Meets The Eye – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Issue

  • Letrons: manufacturing cars that can transform into large humanoid robots 
  • Russian Military: created a robot that can use guns
  • Great Metal: manufactured a large robot to duel other large robots
  • MegaBots: manufactured a large robot to duel other large robots
  • GJS: created small robots to duel each other using phones as controllers
  • Titan the Robot: a robot designed to entertain at parties and events

Mechanical Menagerie #4: The Future of Transportation #1

  • Kitty Hawk: created a hovercraft for water-only
  • Tesla Boat: Tesla is developing a boat
  • Cobalt Aircraft: developing a new, sleeker private plane
  • Audi: two designs for futuristic self-driving truck designs

Automated Food #1: – A Mechanical Menagerie Special Issue

  • Zume: automated pizza restaurant (close to a factory)
  • Plant Power Fast Food: fast food restaurant selling vegan fast food
  • Cafe X: cafe featuring an automatic coffee making machine
  • Eatsa: an automated quinoa bowl restaurant
  • Momentum Machines: a restaurant focusing on automating the creation of burgers
  • AMFare: a company which created an automated machine for making food at a typical fast food restaurant in the 60’s
  • Minimum Wage Leading to Automation Debunking
  • Flippy: a robot which can flip burgers by itself
  • Moley Robotics Kitchen: a pair of robotic hands that are capable of cooking by themselves

Mechanical Menagerie #3: DragonWrist

  • Dragonwrist: a mini-flamethrower worn on the wrist
  • Aim Fire Extinguisher: a more modern fire extinguisher 
  • Fireman’s Prayer: a more controllable fire hose
  • The Rook: a different type of fire protection 

Mechanical Menagerie #2: A Different Future For Homes

  • Apis Cor: capable of 3-D printing small houses quickly
  • ShelterPack: emergency shelter design for swift deployment focusing on natural disasters
  • Sliding Fridge: a revolving refrigerator concept
  • Dishwasher: a concept for a dishwasher which is pulled up, not out
  • Groundfridge: a refrigerator stored underground

Mechanical Menagerie #1: Exoskeletons

  • Bionic Boot: a mechanical boot designed to propel human movement significantly
  • Russia: have supposedly developed a unique next-gen exoskeleton
  • ExoAtlet: a prosthetic for people suffering from the inability to move their legs
  • Powered Jacket: a slim, futuristic exoskeleton

Mechanical Menagerie Compilations

MegaBots Mk. III

  • An update on MegaBots


  • A mechanized robot piloted by a human


  • The first article about the giant robot making company Megabots

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #5: Futuristic Technology

  • Rob Spence: created an eye camera for his damaged eye
  • Unified Weapons Master: A weapons-martial arts league involving armored suits
  • Exascale Computer: China has claimed to have created the first exascale computer

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #4: Personal Flight

  • Gravity Industries: a man is trying to develop thrusters similar to Iron Man which will allow him to fly in a similar manner, although far lower and safer
  • Hoversurf Inc: a company that developed a hoverbike which does hover in the air
  • Vultran Tyger 1: a concept for an aircraft similar in appearance to a drone which operates on a quadcopter concept.
  • Zapata Racing: a company that developed a hoverboard that can operate at higher speeds

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #3: Transportation

  • Case IH: created a self-driving tractor for farm work
  • Saftey Roller: created a safer guard rail for automobiles 
  • Airbus: released a video demonstrating a modular concept to rethink how planes are designed
Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #2: Medical Technology
  • VeinViewer: capable of visualizing veins on the surface of the skin 
  • RenovaCare: created a skin cell gun to heal burns

Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #1: New Technology

  • Voodoo Manufacturing: creating a automated 3-D printing factory
  • xPlotter: a laser-carving device
  • UCLA Sandbox: a sandbox capable of simulating elevations
  • Plastic Roads: an innovative concept for redesigning roads
  • Monkey Lights: lights on bicycles
  • Asgardia: a nation state project for creating the first space nation