Mechanical Menagerie

A series of articles surrounding technology, both new and old, which are changing our world and even our individual lives. The other categories I have are each a specialized field that I think should be separated in order to explore it more deeply or to keep together.

Mechanical Menagerie (1-20) (Comp.)


Real Life Robots (1-20) (MegaBots)


Automating Humanity: Main19992000

  •     A catalog of the automation of human labor, detailing nearly 20 years of the encroachment of technology on our jobs. 

Automated Food (List) (1-20) UPDATE — As of now, this series is under examination and will be considered for integration into the above series however no final decision has been made. 

  • A series focusing on the automation of the food industry


Hoverbikes (1-20)

  • A series dealing with the emerging hoverbike technology