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Movie Reviews 

All of my movie reviews can be found here. Each will have a rating with short description at the very bottom if you want to check that out first. Every single one has spoilers. The ratings are listed below: 

Magnificent – outstanding, award deserving masterpieces of cinematography 
Excellent – a movie you really enjoy and want to watch over and over
Good – a movie that keeps your interest to the point where you can find something you enjoy
Watchable – you can watch it but you probably won’t feel much
Bad – you’ll dislike this movie in some way but not to the point where it’s unwatchable 
Awful – the number of terrible lines and boring stories will make you reconsider how you spend your time
Horrible – movies whose names should be forgotten 


Black Panther – A Review

A comprehensive analysis of the film Black Panther consisting of additional information as well as my opinions on the movie. 

Pacific Rim: Uprising – A Review

A brief look at the film Pacific Rim: Uprising.



Black Panther

An overview of the movie’s production as well as the fanfare it is raising 


The Next Film

All of these articles deal with upcoming movies and news about them up until their first, real (I’m looking at you Deadpool) trailer which I’ll put at the top of the article and then finish updating it.