The Next Film #3: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a superhero very similar to Superman who used to be a fighter pilot. Through an exposure of her genetics to Kree genetics she became a hybrid called Ms. Marvel after the name of the Kree warrior she had been exposed to, Captain Mar-Vell. The Kree were the race that appeared in the…

2000: Airport Kiosks

Here is a forum post talking about how US Airways has installed kiosks at the Ronald Reagan National Airport and Logan International Airport. Created by IBM they used touch screens which at the time was a novelty since we were still in the age of buttons.   For more articles related to technology go…

YouTube Excellence #2: Geography Now

Credit: Geography Now It’s time to learn Geography NOW! This is the catchy start to the YouTube show, Geography Now. A favorite of mine for years, it features its host, Barby (cool Aussie word, also girl’s doll), goes over, in general, each country that exists in the world which has been recognized by the U.N….

The Record of 2016

The cultures for this year were recorded as: Byzantine, Etruscan, Greek, Iranian, Ottoman, Roman, Umayyad     Byzantine   Location: Black Sea Finds: Ships   Egypt   Location: Abydos, Egypt Finds: Ships   Etruscan   Location: Poggio Colla, Italy Find: Stele   Greek   Location: Peta, Jordan Finds: Statue   Culture: Minoan/Mycenaean Location:…

Combat Robots

These are robots used for fighting in militaries or at least in police forces.  Fedor /

Racing Robots

These are robots, small or large, which will be used to race each other.  Furrion /

Fighting Robots

These are robots which I classify as being used to compete for fun or sport however they are large robots and not the smaller ones used for home entertainment. MegaBots / Great Metal / FutureWise /      

Entertainment Robots

These are different robots which are used for entertainment purposes only.  Titan the Robot / Letrons / GJS /

Real Life Robots #3: Prosthesis

Credit: Furrion We have already seen the slow-mo start to mech fighting in MegaBots ambitious Japanese venture, viewed by millions of people online. With such an amazing start the future for mech fighting is looking up. Furrion is another company with a mech and a video and they’re all ready to compete…….in racing. Furrion decided…

Ormanpark Peacocks

This beautiful peacock was at a zoo (basically a few cages) in Ormanpark, a park located in Adapazarı, the capital of the Sakarya Province in Turkey.  For use elsewhere, credit: Tome of Trovius,   For all your random articles go to Trovian Square and check out my other pages for excellent content on science, technology,…

The Next Film #2: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Credit: Marvel Entertainment Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the third installment of the newer brand of superheroes marvel has been trying to introduce. Most of the details are still under wraps or just undecided but at least two facts are known right now. James Gunn has confirmed that he’ll be coming back…

Historic Findings: Turkic Khaganate

nejron / 123RF Stock Photo   A Turkic monument was discovered in eastern Mongolia, consisting of a stone sarcophagus at the center surrounded by 14 stone pillars each bearing inscriptions called tamga. The ruins were dated to the 8th century during the Second Turkic Khaganate, an alliance of nomadic clans under a Khagan located in…