Photography has grown over time as a hobby of mine, changing from one subject to the next as my interests vary. I usually prefer natural settings and historical sites as they appeal to me the most. I can almost always find a photo, even where you may not expect. Photography is tricky and can sometimes be hard to master, which I definitely haven’t. Beyond lighting and angles you have to visualize a photograph. When you see an amazing photo in a gallery you have to put yourself in the frame of mind of the photographer. How did they come up with the idea? Was there any planning? Was it spontaneous and fortuitous? All of these factor in to any photos which I normally take. I have a store on Redbubble under the same name as this website, Tome of Trovius, which you can browse and find your favorite photo. Below is a listing of different photographs and their link. Feel free to click away and explore the world through my lens.

Store — tomeoftrovius

General Photography


All pictures are related to nature in some way through plants, animals, sea or products of nature.


These pictures are from a variety of different restaurants.


Feast your eyes on the majesty of a world unfolding before your very eyes. Every picture in this category contains multiple element which, when combined, creates a larger picture.

The Random of The Random

Couldn’t find any categories for this section so it’s pretty much anything.


Pictures dealing with holidays and festivals.

Birds, Birds, Birds