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If you are unaware, traditional methods of social media are beginning to stagnate. Your giants, Facebook and Twitter, are all fine for their intended purposes but the visions behind them seem to have fallen behind the direction the rest of us are traveling. They censor and suppress unpopular view and competition while monetizing only themselves. Minds is different. Minds promotes freedom while giving you points to promote yourself. They even have a monetization format to profit off your popularity by sharing content, displaying adds, creating exclusive content and referring customers. If you’d like to sign up for a website that actually cares about you click below and explore what Minds can offer you. Remember, Facebook will make money off you while censoring you and force you to pay for promotion. Minds just wants you to be free. Pick freedom over censorship.

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The first thing I’ll say about Steemit is that most of you probably won’t go there and that’s fine. It’s a different community and it’s not for everyone but maybe I’ll convince some of you. I’ve found a new website called Steemit which actually rewards bloggers, commentators and voters with cryptocurrency. Believing in a social media site that should reward it’s members Steemit shows great promise for the freedom of the Internet’s future. If you’d like to come over, up vote, comment and share to help support me go ahead. But also look into Steemit as a new social media platform for you to explore. Visit my Steemit account for more. 

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