Art #3: Dragons & Paper

Dragon in a Stroke Credit: Business Insider UK I found an interesting artist on Instagram by the name of Keisuke Teshima or onestrokedragon. As the name goes, he paints dragons but not in a typical manner. The technique, called hitofude ryuu, involves painting the body of a dragon in one stroke but the head takes…

Art #1-20

Art #3: Dragons & Paper Dragon in a Stroke Pop-Up Paper Colorful Space Tire Master Some fun drawings at the end Art #2: Insects, Sushi & Spongebob Spongebob Anime Kate Kato’s Insects Gum Wrapper Art Sushi Art Art #1: Tree of 40 Tree of 40 Pomato              

Art #2: Insects, Sushi & Spongebob

A New Arthropod Get ready; you’re going to see some bugs. Good news, they’re not real. Kate Kato is an artist who uses recycled paper, wire and thread to bring to the world a variety of colorful insects. She even embroiders them to etch unique patterns across their wings, carapace or whatever else bugs have….

Roman Findings: The Citrus King

bloodua / 123RF Stock Photo The Citrus King According to archaeobotanist Dr. Dafna Langgut, Tel Aviv University, citrons and lemons were a status symbol in the Mediterranean with other citrus fruits arriving a millennium later. She chronicles their spread through Persia and the Levant into the western Mediterranean, citrons going first. Bitter orange, lime and…

Art #1: Tree of 40

Perhaps you have heard of a plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes? The pomato or TomTato (the war rages on) is a combination of tomato and potato plants created by grafting them together. The result is a plant that grows both. If you’d like to see it I’ve included that video below. However the focus of…