China prepares to go to Mars

Animals #4: The Sugar Reward & 1 White Owl

Bats I hope these videos give you a more positive view of bats but, as instructed, don’t handle bats unless you know what you’re doing. Asha, a baby black flying fox (a type of bat), is being fed fruit and is very excited. Credit: Megabattie Jeddah, a grey-headed flying-fox (another bat), likes to be petted….

Bee Soccer

This study, designed to test a bumblebee’s learning capabilities, has found that bees can learn a skill and even improve upon it. Here the bees demonstrate learning by moving a ball to get food from both seeing it done and not seeing it done. This helps demonstrate how bees are capable of learning tasks when…

The first 3 parent child is born

                         The first child to be born from 3 parents has been born a healthy baby boy. This has been an idea theorized for decades in science but never properly tested. Until now. Now to get rid of any odd ideas around what 3…