A small story of a man and his wealth during the Persian invasion of Greece.

Thetis with Fish

Thetis is a sea nymph, one of the 50 Nereids from Nereus. Her role varied in history as the mother to Achilles and her relationship with him to her worship as a sea goddess. This mosaic is quite large and lies across the floor of the Hatay Archaeology Museum.

Mosaic of Chresis

The Chresis mosaic displays a woman presenting jewelry to a seated woman who holds a cornucopia, symbolizing where true wealth lies.

The Record of 2016

The cultures for this year were recorded as: Byzantine, Etruscan, Greek, Iranian, Ottoman, Roman, Umayyad     Byzantine   Location: Black Sea Finds: Ships   Egypt   Location: Abydos, Egypt Finds: Ships   Etruscan   Location: Poggio Colla, Italy Find: Stele   Greek   Location: Peta, Jordan Finds: Statue   Culture: Minoan/Mycenaean Location:…

Historic Findings: Griffin Warrior UPDATE

samot / 123RF Stock Photo Parthenon   The grave of the Griffin Warrior once again coughs up beauty. When the discovery was first released it was a massive story and hailed as a crowning achievement of the year. It’s not often you find a warrior in his armor and with specialized jewelry. In addition to…