Queen Alexandra’s birdwing

This amazing butterfly is indigenous to a forest in the east of Papua New Guinea. Up close the colors have a metallic to brightened sheen across the wings which makes them stand out amongst any other butterfly.

Best Biodegradable Straws

An overview of dozens of biodegradable straws, their prices, different company missions and where to buy them.

A Forest in Sapanca

For use elsewhere, credit: Tome of Trovius, https://tomeoftrovius.com The best way to support this website is to share it and this article across social media and with your friends. Let me know how you found the article as well! Check out the info below the article. You can see my Facebook & Twitter Feed, different categories,…

Sustainability #7: Lego Going Green

Lego, everyone’s favorite toy for building as a kid (unless you’re me and preferred K’Nex, the superior brand) is going to begin the start of its green era. They have been designing and creating Lego parts that are derived from a plant-based plastic, reducing their dependency on petroleum sources to generate their plastic play lands….

Zero Waste

Amborella Organics – focuses on lollipops which contain seeds in their sticks Website  My Article Biotrem – create biodegradable cutlery & tableware Website  My Article Biovessel – a small pot capable of growing plants from food scraps Website  My Article Britvic: soda manufacturer shifting from trash to recycling plastics Website  My Article The Bulk Market –…

Sustainability #6: Pela Case

    Credit: Pela Case Credit: Pela Case The cases themselves come in a variety of colors (limited by the need to keep harmful dyes out of the compost) and can stand up to stress which makes them good for an alternative to the plastic. They’re available for the iPhone and Samsung so sorry Nokia…

Sustainability #2: The Zero Waste Emporium

Credit: INSIDER Wasteless Pantry All of us need to shop for food and it is impossible to get around. No matter where in the world you find yourself you’ll also need to carry it out with you. This is a crucial difference and people approach it in different ways. Most of us would get plastic…